About Us

About Us

As SBC Global Trade,

We operate with the principle of maximum customer satisfaction with our philosophy of affordable cost, quality and reliable supply;

Together with the respected and strong brands of the world we cooperate with, we offer global and continuous solutions to your needs.

Our main goal is to maximize the benefits of our customers with regard to to service and quality, and thus to be the strongest link between our suppliers and customers.

Thanks to our continuous and accurate trade mindset, we not only provide reliable service, but also continue to grow by outperforming expectations and targets.

SBC Global

With our technology follow-up, research and development efforts and quality-based trade mindset that we maintain consistently, we are rapidly progressing towards becoming a leading brand that is aware of the environment and people, offering perfect service and 100% customer satisfaction.

As SBC Global Trade, while providing services to our customers based on technology and in line with our principle of maximum quality, we continue our activities with a commercial awareness that provides added value to the countries in which we operate.